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Chamber Orchestra
From the moment God spoke into existence the very creation of the universe, sound has played an integral part of all things, both seen and unseen.  The power of music is undeniable yet the full potential is rarely experienced because we as humans unknowingly dismiss it as nothing more than pleasant sounds for the purpose of entertainment.  From music used in church worship to music therapy used to treat mental illness we seem to have a grasp on how we can harness this power but the time has come to release the full power of music....the power of music released from heaven that brings healing to the body, mind, and spirit in a way not seen before.

God planted a dream in my heart many years ago to present music in a way not heard before; in a way that goes beyond entertainment or accompaniment to events or presentations.  When we use music to praise God with, He fills that "live" music with healing power that gives hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless, purpose to those lost in the world.  The healing power of music is real and we need only listen and give credit to its creator....God.  The Lightshine Singers and Orchestra is comprised of musicians who believe that what they do goes far beyond mere entertainment.  They are dedicated to singing and playing with a very specific purpose of healing through music.  They understand the power of music when it is committed to the glory and purpose of our Creator.  Come and experience the full power of God's healing through His music.  To donate to this ministry simply click on the donate button on the home page.  
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-Mozart
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